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Midnight Conspiracy & CENOB1TE – The Eye + Exclusive Interview

Midnight Conspiracy and Cenob1te have joined forces to create the all seeing, all powerful, all mind-blowing EYE. This ELECTRO BANGER was built to control the minds of massive crowds through the powers of heavy drops, dirty bass and haunting vocals. Available now on Beatport by way of Manufactured Music, The Eye is the work of two-thirds of the collaborative trio that is DEAD FAME, which includes Midnight Conspiracy, Cenob1te and Kris Barman from the legendary Innerparty System, so keep an “eye” out (that just happened) for more DEAD FAME collaborations. For more info about the Chicago based production duo Midnight Conspiracy, check em out on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud! Don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with the crew after the jump!

Midnight Conspiracy & CENOB1TE – The Eye (Original) by Midnight Conspiracy

Recently Gem caught up with Midnight Conspiracy on a roof-top at the iconic Bar Smith’s Sticky Fingers!  party in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Check out Gem’s interview with them below, and make sure you check out and catch them on tour, because their live sets are a can’ t miss event!

What is the weirdest thing that has happened on the road?
DJ booths can get pretty crowded with girls dancing up on you and spilling drinks all over the equipment. Sometimes you just have to ram your ass into them to create more space, but this one time in San Francisco as we were playing, I backed into this girl to create some space and then I turned around to see her giving our friend a… Read More

Exclusive Midnight Conspiracy Interview with Bangerz Only

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