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The Chaotic Good Interview – February 2012

The Chaotic Good is half producer, half mad-scientist and 100% creative genius.  Beginning in early 2010 The Chaotic Good (TCG) aka Jake Carpenter started what would become an extremely promising career as an EDM producer, while living in the “Thoroughbred City” Lexington, Kentucky.  TCG bullied his way into the industry by simply dominating remix competitions, even placing 1st the Dim Mak Records/Heineken remix challenge in which his winning remix was released on the vaunted Dim Mak Records. Since then, TCG has been bangin’ out incredible original tunes that have solidified his status as a true rising star in Electronic Dance Music. I had a chance to catch up with The Chaotic Good to talk new tracks, robots, and the current state of EDM, as well as world-premiere his video for the TCG original “Go Machine”!

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The Chaotic Good & Orville Kline feat. Elizabeth Inure – DAYM (Original Mix)

Skrillex – With Your Friends (The Chaotic Good Remix)

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[title3]INTERVIEW[/title3] [title5]Give us a little insight into your musical background. What led you to producing electronic music?[/title5] [quote]I got an early start in music. When I was 5 my mom forced me to take piano lessons- at first unwillingly but eventually I got to enjoy it- and this continued for 10 years until I picked up the drums. I then took 3 years of drum set lessons- and I played and tenor drums in the marching band! (Yes I’m a nerd just like all the other EDM producers). I also played trombone, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, etc. This rich musical background kicked off my love of EDM because I could literally use EVERY instrument known to man in my songs- and I had experience playing a very wide variety of physical instruments. Oddly enough I didn’t pick up on producing EDM until about 2 1/2 years ago while I was working for the Department of Defense.[/quote] [title5]You are premiering a video for your original track GO Machine, which shows highlights from an amazing live performance. Was that a giant robot on stage with you?[/title5] [quote]So I went to art school and studied metal sculpture. Specifically the human figure. Statues, busts, etc. I went to the library and read a ton of books, and built that robot over the course of about 8 months. This got me involved with the department of defense, and I designed and fabricated things for them for about 2 years after I graduated. I was making music as a hobby at night when I got home, and that got really popular so I quit. Here I am now! I design my own midi-controllers (I’m going to start selling them to the public soon) and I take that robot with me to about 50% of my shows. It weight 800 lbs. so it’s not exactly easy to tour with.[/quote]

[title5]What is the most satisfying thing about being involved in EDM?[/title5] [quote]I consider EDM to be a very positive thing in this world. There is nothing better than knowing I made a bunch of people happy.[/quote]

[title5]As the industry knocks down the door to mainstream music, how do you  see artists similar to yourself,  still having a chance to succeed with major labels lurking?[/title5] [quote]Ignoring them. Major labels have practically nothing to offer these days. Even if they are going to offer you a huge signing bonus- you’re still better off doing it yourself. The only thing a ‘major label’ can offer you is publicity. If you think you can generate enough hype without them, it’s definitely better to go it solo. I love giving my music away for free. The only reason I have for putting songs out on beatport is to reach different audiences. I want the most amount of people to hear my music as possible.[/quote] [title5]Any hints you can give us about what the future holds for The Chaotic Good? What projects, remixes, originals, tours do you currently have in the works?[/title5]

[quote]I’ve got some big shows in San Diego and Tijuana coming up, as well as several SXSW showcases. I have a ton of unreleased music sitting on my hard-drive right now that will see the light of day soon. Originals, collabs, remixes, all of it. All this new breaks/dubstep/ballroom dance/electro stuff I’ve been making at 128 bpm. Haha beatport hates my songs. Can never pick a genre.[/quote]

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