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Gosteffects Sylenth Soundsets 1 & 2 ON SALE NOW!

[title4_wrap]Get $5 off ANY one item using promo code: HOUSEOFGOD[/title4_wrap] [title5]*Offer ends Father’s Day 2012[/title5]
[image_border img=”” pos=”right” /]Fresh off the success off of his “Kick The Bass” EP, which saw all 5 tracks make the Beatport Top 100 Electro House chart, Gosteffects brings us two amazing soundsets for LennarDigital’s Sylenth1 VSTi. Each soundset contains ear-burning lead synths, insane dutch leads, majestic poly synths, crazy FX, and of course, deep wobbly basses. Each patch has carefully selected modwheel adjustments which makes this soundset sound great right out of the box with no tedious tweaking required.

Gosteffects Sylenth Soundset Vol. 1 features an entire synthesized drum kit, while Gosteffects Sylenth Soundset Vol. 2 has blissful pads to give a nice contrast to the dirty electro synths that these soundsets are chock-full of.

[image_border img=”” pos=”left” /]All Ableton users will be happy to know that Gosteffects has included the Live Session file for each soundset’s audio demo. In addition to the Sylenth1 Patches/Soundbank, and the project file, we have also included the individual MIDI clips and individual .WAV Loops/One-Shots from each audio demo. The MIDI clips contain the notes played for each patch in the audio demo. The .WAV files are loops or one-shots (depending on the patch) of all the “riffs” in the audio demo.

Click the links below to check out the audio demos and purchase the soundsets. Don’t forget to use promo code: HOUSEOFGOD to save $5!

[title3]Product Links:[/title3] [title5_wrap]Gosteffects Sylenth Soundset Vol. 1
Gosteffects Sylenth Soundset Vol. 2
Gosteffects Sylenth Soundset Bundle[/title5_wrap] [title5]*Sylenth1 version 2.2 or newer for Mac or PC required[/title5]

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