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PeaceTreaty ft. Anabel Englund – In Time & Bangerz Only Exclusive Interview

Los Angeles based production/DJ duo, PeaceTreaty is back in a big way with a long awaited new single ‘In Time‘. Out today on Dim Mak Records, and available for purchase on Beatport, “In Time” is a beautiful example of Progressive House, featuring a fantastic vocal from exciting, up an comer Anabel Englund (remember the name).  I had the chance to catch up with PeaceTreaty as they kick off their massive European tour which will surely blow up ‘In Time‘ on the charts, and build tremendous hype for their soon to be released album! Interview after the jump.

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BOYour new single “In Time” is a Progressive House masterpiece, which deviates a bit from the big room/electro sound that your known for. Was making a true Progressive House tune something  you guys set out to do from the jump or did it just kind of happened during the creative process.

PT: It definitely just sort of happened…we actually had about 3 different versions of the track when we were working on it after we had Anabel record her vocals  to the demo…We initially had a heavier track that was more of the style we usually stick to but then quickly realized that it wasnt the right vibe for Anabels amazing vocals…So we were going back n forth with different styles and just found one that complimented the feel and the vibe of the song and we were really happy with how it came out..We also wanted to show people the diversity we have with our productions and experiment with different styles that we both love

BO: “In Time” features an incredible vocal from Anabel Englund that perfectly compliments your production. Talk about working with Anabel. Were you able to physically get in the studio together or was the collaboration web based?  

PT: We were fortunate enough to actually get in a studio with her and record the vocals ourselves and sit down and spit ball different ideas…the whole experience was a good one she is an extremely talented musician and singer and had no difficulty in the recording booth…It was also great to actually hear her sing live as opposed to just listening to her online and what not…she also really impressed us by showing us a bunch of other really good songs and projects that she is working on which is great because we are definitely going to be working with her again in the near future. Watch out for this one she is gonna be huge!

BO: Like a lot of Djs  you came up through a local warehouse scene. After just a couple years PeaceTreaty is a legitimate headlining act, with a European Tour kicking off and a spot in the Electric Zoo line-up. How often do you pinch yourself and reflect on how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time? What are you looking forward to most about your tour across Europe?

PT: Honestly we are always trying to stay humble and just keep working hard because to us theres always room for improvement…but It has been a crazy ride and we feel so blessed to be where we are at now..we have a great team backing us up with our management and booking agents and are grateful for everything… We are actually here in Europe already and it has been INSANE..we played BEATPATROL in Austria last weekend and it was such a good weekend being there with the whole Dim Mak family..Its weird being half way across the world the day our single comes out but also such a great experience being here ..we are fortunate to have the Bassjackers dudes host us and take us out and show us Holland for a couple days..and we still have Tomorrowland coming up on friday in Belgium which we are so stoked for..its gonna be crazy! 

BO: “In Time” is just the first single off your upcoming full-length album. What made you guys decide to put out an album instead of the standard EP release?

PT: It was something we have always wanted to do and Dim Mak was on board so we just went ahead with it..We have so many ideas and inspirations for songs that we wanted to show everyone in our album..It has been quite a journey but we are really happy with how its coming along and cant wait for the full release.

BO: Can you give us some hints as to what we can expect from your album? Any collaborations? 

PT: The album is gonna be very different from what we normally do but we will also have some tracks that have that traditional PT sound of course…We will have some more progressive songs as well as a couple dub style tracks…We are going to have some more singers on some tracks including an amazing singer by the name of Zashanell and as for collabs we are excited to announce that we will be doing tracks with some amazing producers such as Hot Mouth, Bassjackers, John Dalhback, and Dzeko & Torres… we also have some other surprises up our sleeves we cant quite mention yet =) but all in all its going to be a journey of different styles and a mesh of tracks with some of our favorite producers and good friends.  P.S. huge shout out to Bangerz Only for the Interview .. Thanks guys! 

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