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Cold Blank – The Agenda: Exclusive Interview

Electro-House Gods, Cold Blank’s debut album, The Agenda has seen immediate success, and continues to create a buzz within the vast EDM universe. We tracked down the guys while they were touring Australia to answer some pressing questions about the album, beer and Adventure Time. Out now and available for purchase on Beatport and iTunes, The Agenda is a must have album for any fan of electronic music, so be sure to pick it up today! Featuring ten incredible tracks, ranging from Dubstep, to Drum and Bass, and of course Cold Blanks signature Electro bangerz, are results of  all-star collaborations with Andy Taylor (Duran Duran’s original lead guitarist), Blake Miller of Moving Units, Veela, Electric Soulside and Neon Stereo. Interview after the jump.

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“Onslaught” with Andy Taylor of Duran Duran is an electro/rock crossover masterpiece, and the perfect way to start your album. How did that collaboration come about? Were you guys in the studio with Andy?

First of all, we want to thank all of our fans. Second of all, thanks. Masterpiece is a very huge compliment for us. The collaboration was the result of Andy Taylor approaching us for a remix project after he had heard a short snippet of Onslaught on Soundcloud. We began having a few Skype meetings and discussed our direction and how dance music and night versions/remixes have always been a great way to expose new music before it gets released. We vibed a lot and asked him to feature on Onslaught and he was into the idea. We didn’t get to work in the studio together, but it’s definitely a possibility for the future.

 On Agenda, you guys included “Signs of Chaos,” a drum-n-bass track, and “Louder Than Bombs,” a dubstep track. Can we expect more original Cold Blank productions outside of the electro house genre?

(In Bane Voice) Of course! Haha, we’re versatile producers and first and foremost produce what we like. The awesome thing about that is that our fans & djs who support our music are usually cool with any direction we go in.

Not only do you produce and tour as Cold Blank, but you also run a successful EDM label, Burn The Fire Records. Can you give us a heads up on any upcoming BTF releases your excited about? 

We have a few massive tracks from a lot of new artists and some of our more established names such as Vaski and Anzo. It’s awesome to think that our label now serves as a platform for a full length album. We’re approaching our 100th release and we plan on doing something really awesome!

 With a huge list of top notch tunes to your credit, how does Cold Blank stay inspired, keep your sound fresh and relevant, an grow your brand? 

 We try not to overdo it in the studio. We take a lot of breaks from producing (sometimes weeks) and we spend a lot of our free time partying and bar-hopping while having down time during tours. The inspiration definitely comes from everywhere, from elevator music, airport music, music in cabs, bars, good times, etc.

 You guys always seem to be mentoring amazing up and coming young artists. What advice would you give to talented young artists trying to break into an industry that is flooded with new producers? 

Patience and hard work goes a long way. We’ve been in the scene working together for over 5 years (as promoters/producers). It’s not easy and it’s not always an overnight stardom thing, unless you’re in the unusual luck of those like Porter Robinson or Madeon. Our advice is to approach what you’re into and not just follow the bandwagon/trendy genres that arise. It’s funny to actually see familiar names jump from fidget house to dutch house to complextro to dubstep to moombahton to trap. We’ve been producing electro from day one and it’s what we love and continue to make. It doesn’t mean we can play with other genres, but it’s always good to focus on what you’re really into.

 Now that the album is out, can we expect you guys to do some heavy touring? Any festivals or big gigs in the future we should know about?

 Most definitely. I’m surprised every time I look at our tour dates. We are definitely getting ready to go on a proper tour. We should have our album’s full live set done very soon, so we’ll be debuting it this year.

 If you had to give up Sushi or Adventure Time, which one would it be? 

 That’s a fucked up question. That’s like asking if you’d rather keep your parents or children or alive. Or if we’d rather give up penises or vaginas in this world. Selfish…. but I guess it would have to be sushi. Adventure time is too badass.

 PBR or Stella?

Too easy. Stella. PBR is rubbish, last resort status, especially if you’re broke. “I’m white trash and I’m in trouble.”

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