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2012 Bangerz Only Awards: Epic Fail – Paris Hilton

If we learned anything about EDM in 2012 it’s that Paris Hilton can blow it in more ways than one. Hilton hooked up (literally) with EDM superstar Afrojack and together they created some of the most embarrassing moments of the year, culminating with Paris’ live performance (if you want to call it that) of their amazingly awful collaboration ‘Last Night’. Hilton continually showed no desire to actually learn the true art of DJing or to become even a marginal performer, instead she tried to rush into the industry on Afrojack’s coat-tails and managed to train-wreck pre-recorded sets, get booed regularly, and embarrass and disrespect a burgeoning industry fighting for credibility. So here is to all the DJ’s working at their craft daily, struggling to make it in this industry, and earning every bit of success that comes their way! Cheers to ‘DJ’ Paris Hilton our Epic Fail of 2012!

Honorable Mention

Al WalserSomehow managed to get his nightmare of a song ‘I Can’t Live Without You‘ a Grammy nomination. Follows it up by stealing Zedd’s stems for ‘Spectrum’ and promoting it as an official remix.

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