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2ToneDisco – Vibe EP + Exclusive Interview

The dynamic duo of 2ToneDisco has finally dropped their highly anticipated Vibe EP, available now on Beatport via Pop Rox Muzik. Three genre-defying originals highlighted by the addictive title track “Vibe”, present a must-have EP from the Phoenix, AZ based production crew who is primed to explode onto the national radar. With a slew of original music in the works, and live sets that are unrivaled, 2ToneDisco is a name to pay close attention to so make sure you pick up their “Vibe” and get to know these guys by checking out the Bangerz Only!! exclusive interview!

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Tell us a little bit about your musical backgrounds. How was 2ToneDisco was created and where do you want to go with the project?

Omni is a flat out amazing musician; he has played keys for years, in numerous bands and projects. One that is most recently notable is Weird Is The New Cool, he just recently returned from a tour with them. As far as myself, I am just a huge electronic music fan, who has been a DJ for a while now. 2ToneDisco was originally a project formed based solely on being a audio visual duo, evolved into a solo project, and then later progressed into the musical based brand it is today.

Take us into the studio with you. How does 2ToneDisco approach the creative process? Are you really organized going into your sessions or do you just kind of “wing it” and see where it takes you?

Our sessions are some of the most productive I have ever experienced. We both seem to get each other’s approach to the creative process. We both work independently on ideas for tunes, creating somewhat skeletons. Omni plays a huge role in this with his natural talent for melodies and composing complex arrangements. We mainly live for our “studio days” where we gather the two ideas creating all these original songs.

Your debut EP “Vibe” is classified by Beatport as “House”, but it’s really so much more than that. Did you make a conscious effort to create a unique sound? What genre’s do you draw from the most to define your production style.

I think most of our signature sound comes from the synth and vocal work that Omni has created. I honestly think that seems to be the driving force in our music. As far as genre’s that influence us, I think we are trying to take an electro house approach to indie dance and disco tunes. We both really enjoy those genres, but we wanted to still infuse that energy of a bigger club sound.

What was the driving force that inspired this EP?

Honestly the EP is what has made 2ToneDisco whole again. It was originally a collaborative effort between my solo stage of 2ToneDisco and Omni’s solo project “Omniboi”. The result was just so great that we decided to have Omni be a part of 2ToneDisco. I think the significance of this EP, is that we was always look back on it as the real kick-start of the project.

2ToneDisco live sets are some of the most fun and entertaining performances that I’ve personally attended. Do you have plans for a tour in the near future? Any big shows in the works?

We really want to tour, I have been talking to some promoters personally and trying to set some shows up and I know our management has been as well. We really want to promote some of our new material. I think the biggest thing we have in the works at the moment is returning to Mexico for a big show in the summer. Also, personal plug if any promoters want us in your town as part of our upcoming tours. Please send us an e-mail, we will personally respond and forward it to our management.

What do you love about the current state of EDM? What do you hate about the current state of EDM?

The current state of EDM is amazing, it is bigger than ever and it definitely has opened up a lot of doors for budding producers, performers, and artists. At the same time, some of those doors are very clouded by big industry. Like most things in life, there is a balance, and to grow you make sacrifices. Will big industry involvement hurt certain aspects? Yes, but at the same time it is something you can’t prevent and you have to look at the positives. I just feel change is common in this industry and you have to be able to adapt and stay motivated.

Any upcoming releases that you want to give us a heads up on?

Well we have our latest release with Pop Rox Muzik, the Vibe E.P. and we have two other officially signed tracks coming out later on that label. These are just a small fraction of what we have been working on, so expect a lot more original work from us this year.

1 year from today, 2ToneDisco will be???

The same passionate project fueled by two guys who love video games and shirley temples. As to where we will be in one year, I have no idea but I am excited for the journey.

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