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Welcome to Bangerz Only! We are an electronic music blog that features the grimiest, filthiest music on the planet. Bangerz Only was created in 2009 by good friends Gem Toussaint & Colin Marshall. Originally an electro house blog, Bangerz Only has since dabbled in dubstep, drumstep, and other genres that are laced with BANGIN’ tracks.

Our main purpose is to promote the artists that we enjoy listening to, and raise awareness about them so they can gain new fans that will hopefully purchase their music and go to see them perform live. With that being said, we understand that not all artists want their music up for free download. If any artist or label sees their music on our site and wants the link taken down, we will do so immediately. We are here to promote the artist but understand that not all people see it that way, and the last thing we want to do is upset the artists and labels that we love.

Please CONTACT US immediately if there is an issue with any of our posts.

We encourage our readers to comment on the tracks we put up so that we can bring the quality music that people are looking for to our site. Feedback can also be used by artists to improve their work so please take the time to let us know how you feel.

Ryan Enzed Massive Soundset Vol. 3