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Job Inquiries

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Current Openings:

Article Writers

  • On EDM/BANGER related topics. We want people that will post music and write about events but we also are looking for people that can bring some original content to the blog. We want people whose writing is REAL who aren’t going to just use this as an opportunity to simply promote themselves or their homies. We are also looking for people who aren’t afraid to stir the pot, as long as it’s done in good taste.

Established Artists to write Guest Posts

  • On anything! Need to rant about shitty opener DJ’s? Have some crazy tour stories to share with the world? Use our blog to vent your frustrations and boost your ego!

Photographers & Cinematographers for Event Coverage

  • There are a lot of you out there that do this already for event companies that can reuse your photos and footage with us and use the blog to attract new business for yourself. We will of course credit any work we use of yours and we’ll always include your contact information.

 Wordpress/PHP Expert

  • We need somebody who is proficient in PHP, WordPress, & MYSQL that we can consult with for website issues. I can do most of it on my own but I’m self-taught so I’m not very efficient considering I have to look-up everything. It would be nice to have a couple people I can holler at that can point me in the right direction or give me advice. I don’t expect anybody to do all the work for me. (although that would be nice!)

Graphic Designers

  • We need SIMPLE graphics done for various posts, mixtape covers, and web design. We are especially interested in people who are good with comic and retro styles of design.

FAQ Section
Will we get paid?

  • Short answer: No.

Then what’s in it for me?
Bangerz Only Staff Perks:

  • Internship credit at your educational institution (if you can figure out a way to make this work with your school we will be more than willing to accommodate you to make it happen)
  • Free passes to shows you cover
  • Free Supplemental Sounds Products
  • Free Highrise Account (For keeping track of contacts)
  • email address (if you want one)
  • Exclusive music before it gets leaked to the masses

Does it matter where I live?

  • Yes and no. It really depends on the position you are applying for. For event coverage we want people from all major US cities and all major cities across the world. We don’t really need a “John Doe” covering events in small markets. But if John Doe from Bumfuck, USA  is looking to help with graphics or the website then we really don’t care where you live.

Bangerz Only Fun Facts:

  • Bangerz Only operates under and is property of Supplemental Sounds LLC  (so yes, we are an official company)
  • Bangerz Only averages over 1500 unique visitors per day (we expect to double as we ramp up our operations in 2012)
  • Bangerz Only (and Supplemental Sounds) operate using the 37Signals Suite                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    Bangerz Only Staff Application

    * = Required Field
    • Please write a brief paragraph about yourself and what you can contribute to Bangerz Only
    • If you have a resume, please attach the file here. Accepted file types: .PDF, .DOCX, & .DOC
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